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Reports about Kevin
Basso's cross-country offroad motorcycle trip.

Kevin Basso
Eagle Scout
Boy Scouts of America


Baja, Mexico - April 2001

Baja cactus First mission in Baja, Mexico Ride to the Sea of Cortez
Arrive at Mike's Sky Ranch Mike's Sky Ranch unpack Bringing the bike in the ranch motel. They said "just wheel it on in"
The next morning at Mike's Sky Ranch, Snow! In Baja, 5500 feet above sea level. As luck would have it, snows every 11 years or so Breakfast stop, fish tacos. Stop at the
Tropic of Cancer
Sea of Cortez Easter Sunday service at a 300 year old mission Camping on beach under a cabana
Stop at famous Coco's Corner. It is a one of a kind place in the middle of nowhere. Story has it he lost his leg 20 years ago and decided to take his wheelchair as far as he could and open up a taco stand. Well, the middle of nowhere is where he got. He sells cold soda and beer to weary travelers. He has a series of car batteries and generators making the electricity powering his cooler and lights.
The third picture is not Coco, it is a roadside gas peddler, from a 50 gallon drum. Funny thing was, he used a garden hose to syphon our gas, he never wanted to use our clear hose to see the gas flow. Now we know where his teeth went.
Changing flat in 107 degree desert, the heat got to me and
I pinched the tube.
Sunset in Cabo San Lucas.

Death Valley

no gas 5:30 am sunrise