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Kevin Basso
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I have traveled into Oklahoma and the geography changes very quickly from the mountains of Arkansas. Oklahoma is a ranchers paradise, with rolling hills and sunny skies. The tough part of Oklahoma is the way the roads are set up, let me explain. In Oklahoma every mile there is a intersection crossing two roads. A grid system of roads covers the whole state and you can go almost anywhere. The issue I ran into is that if I make a wrong turn, I would not know it, since my directions say turn 3 miles. Sure there is a turn, but it is not the correct one. You could go a whole afternoon off of one wrong turn and have to spend the next day looking at the map to figure out what you did wrong. Sam's maps are 100% accurate, the reader may not always be as I learned this morning, getting lost 3 times. The 100 heat can do that, turns your mind to mush and leaning the bike up against a tree and resting in the shade helps clear your head.

I was fortunate to meet a couple of people along my trip I want to take a moment to thank, Mark Tucker and Cecil Milhon. Thank you!

Crossing an old farm bridge

Western section gets very open, one feels very alone.

One of many rarely seen farmhouses way off the paved road.

A farmer said that a Combine had tried crossing here and was too heavy, it took a week to get it out

Another old farmhouse of Oklahoma.

Oklahoma is truly a peaceful place

More shots from the trail.

Checking for deep mud.

West Oklahoma starts getting sandy and hot.

I caused a small stampede, cattle are very afraid of the motorcycle.

This road is flooded most of the early spring/summer.

This road is also flooded most of the early spring/summer.

I met Mark Tucker when I pulled over and asked him in his tractor who owned an abandoned farmhouse and if I could camp there. He was so kind to put me up for the night and call a buddy to help replace my chain. THANKS MARK!!!

Setting off for the morning into the wide open ranges.

Finally time to put on the tires I have been carrying. Thanks to Cecil, owner of Milhon Honda.

I was low on oil and Cecil offered to change it for
me at no charge.

Cecil Milhon of Milhon's Honda in Liberal, Kansas was a huge help in getting the bike tuned for the rest of the trip. I pulled in to ask about why I was getting a variety of readings on my oil dipstick. He found that I was a quart low on oil and offered to change it for free. He also was very kind to let me work in the shop of the dealership after-hours to put new tires on. THANKS A MILLION CECIL!!! stop in and say hello if you are doing the last night stay over in the Oklahoma route along the border..


Entering Oklahoma

Oklahoma trail

Checking the map, I missed my turn. Turn around 1 mile and recalabrate.

Make one wrong turn, you could be riding for hours and not know you are not on course.

Old country church.

Crossing a wide river, via pavement.

Ranch land at it's best to be seen for miles.

Oklahoma is set up on 1 square mile quadrants. First one to the intersection has the right-of-way.

Good folks at Motor Sports Honda of Muskogee, OK were nice enough to help me set up this shot of a stock XR650L and mine. Thank God they had a speedometer cable in stock, I could have been stuck for 2 days.
Bridge out, found a way around, again, 1 mile away.