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Kevin Basso
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The Nevada section was the most demanding state. The heat coupled with the rough sandy terrain provided for very tough state to ride and navigate. The trial is hard to follow in many sections due to their infrequent use and very few landmarks. It took me 4 days to cross the state which was the longest of any state. Sand and dust took it's toll on the chain and air filters, requiring me to clean them daily.
The temps were in the 100's every day and luckily every few hours going through the mountains I found streams to filter water and fill my CamelBack drink system, essential in this climate.

As I crossed the Utah border into Nevada I was greeted with an enormous amount of giant crickets. They just blanketed the road and lasted for 20 miles. I later found out from a rancher that they are Mormon crickets. One of the most dramatic and famous moments in Mormon history occurred in 1848 when the first crop in Utah was threatened by a plague of crickets. Fearing the loss of food needed for survival, the settlers fought the ravenous insects by every possible means. Then, when it appeared that all was lost, in answer to a prayer a white cloud of seagulls flew in and devoured the crickets. This miracle was told in the diaries and reminiscences of several of the pioneers who observed it. It became a faith-promoting tale that was often retold, appropriately the seagull became recognized as the state bird of Utah.

Nevada is a tough ride, very interesting to see, and most amazing how the people live there.

Camping in the desert

Trails like this wish you would have stayed home.

Sometimes there is only one way across.

The deep ruts just seemed to keep on going.

Stopping for a rest on Coyote Mountain,

On top of Coyote Mountain.


Another road hazard.

Mormon crickets EVERYWHERE!

Mormon Cricket

More trail pics

Patterson Pass
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