Reports about Kevin
Basso's cross-country offroad motorcycle trip.

Kevin Basso
Eagle Scout
Boy Scouts of America


Keeping on the trail is the hardest part of the trip, with over a 1,000 places to make a wrong turn, you will end up getting off the trail every day. Now you won't be lost, but you can save yourself a lot of backtracking if you stay focused. That is easy to say if have two people and one can navigate and the other can follow and take in the scenery. Just remember, on the rollcharts, Sam marks them with a dot then an arrow that shows which way to turn. Reset your odometer at the dot, not at the turn like I did for the first half of the trip.
For a great crossbar map case, go to Riderwarehouse.

The maps you get for the trip are very detailed. They come in a box from Sam. For the whole trip you are looking at $412.00

REI has a great web page on using a compass to update your rusty skills. Go here