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Reports about Kevin
Basso's cross-country offroad motorcycle trip.

Kevin Basso
Eagle Scout
Boy Scouts of America


It is essential to carry with you a digital camera. A camera will give you lasting memories and allow you to share your days with people online. Choose a camera that rates well at www.cnet.com My camera was only 1.3 mega pixel. If you are only going to use the images for emailing or the web, a 1.3 to 2 mega pixel camera should do. I choose my Sony because is was a low-end camera and if it broke on the rough trip, it wouldn't cost me that much.

Sony Digital Camera

I chose this Acer Travelmate 330 laptop because of my knowledge supporting it for a sales force while working in the Silicon Valley. I bought it on EBay for $430 and it held up in my backpack wrapped in a small pillow for the entire trip. INCREDIBLE! I would plug it in at motels and update my website, some days were easier to type than others.


I got my RCA Kazoo MP3 player for going to the gym, it turned out to be a great jukebox of 50 songs that I could update everytime I stopped at a motel and got online. What I liked most was that it was about the size of a book of matches and since it was an MP3 player, it never skipped a beat.