Reports about Kevin
Basso's cross-country offroad motorcycle trip.

Kevin Basso
Eagle Scout
Boy Scouts of America

Well camping is a great benefit of being on such a long trip. The thing to keep in mind is that in the summer it rarely rains out west and you don't really need anything more than a tarp, sleeping bag and a bivy sack. Depending how you like to camp, you can bring a super light tent. I had a 2 person backpacking tent that weighed 6lbs. Way too much weight! Next time I will bring a bivy sack and tie my tarp to my handlebars and sleep next to the bike. Trust me on this one, after 350 miles for riding some days, you will welcome the motel hot shower and soft bed. Your body is beat at the end of the day, but smiling ear to ear.

Entire Adventure Bike Camping Checklist, bring only what you need! (excel file, right click and save as)

For great reading on the trip, check out
Rick Steber's Tales of the West short stories.

Some items I have used and can recommend are:

  • Bivy Sack
  • Ultra-Lightweight sleeping bag (2lbs or less)
  • Mini-Maglite
  • Thermarest pad
  • Inflatable pillow
  • Matches
  • Fishing line (20 feet) and small hook
  • Sun block (greaseless)
  • Rain Jacket/Pants

Just remember to take as little as you can, you can always stop somewhere and get something, it may take you off the trail, but it is worth it compared to tiring yourself out. I learned my lessons pushing too hard.