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Arkansas has been, to date, the most technical riding I've experienced. The Ozark mountains, chock full of rocky terrain, exhausted me as I found myself stuck on a swampy logging road - costing me 2 hours. I was forced to unpack the whole bike in order to lift it out of the mud. There was so much to take in visually -I didn't notice, until it was too late, that the route was soggy with wet logs everywhere. A timber company had recently gone thru the area with heavy machinery causing extreme road damage. I had no choice but to back track through the mud. This time, I was unpacked (carrying my bags across separately) and the bike, this time, was able to maintain traction to the road.

I stopped by an few people's places along the way while I was taking photos and found out a lot about the state.


Checking the maps in Arkansas

Winding dirt roads

Enjoying a cigar and chat with 75 year local, Bill.

Bill's house

Cattle on the trail

Arkansas rest stop

Local flowers

Ozark foothills

Picture taken before the sorry attempt to cross.

Stuck in mud and wet logs, time to unpack.

A stop at Jerry's ranch.

Jerry, 70 rancher still going strong.

Entering the Ozark mountains.

Taking it all in.

Ozark mountain view from trail

Riding through one of the many mountain passes.

This section sunk me down over a foot, mud spraying everywhere. Now we are having fun!

My bike before the attempt. I didn't bother getting the camera out afterwards, too muddy.

Gas stop in Oark, of the Ozarks.

Filtering water for the afternoon, 95 degree heat. I use a Camelback drinking system that allows me to keep a drinking hose through my backpack. No need for drink stops.

Water sports

Stopping for a little fishing.

What the luggage looks like.

I came across some signs that said bridge out, was able to still get by, but it was not fun with all the mud.

Camping out in the Ozarks.

Arkansas was a very pretty state, I was impressed with the Ozarks and it made for great riding.