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Kevin Basso

Kevin Basso
Eagle Scout
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"I want to travel and see America as God created it, not on man-made roads linking McDonald's"

You are probably saying to yourself, "why would anyone purposefully ride their motorcycle across the United States using only dirt roads". My answer: "I want to travel and see America as God created it, not on man-made roads linking McDonald's". Most importantly, to have fun achieving a big dream.

It all started in 1998 with a great book called "The Adventure Motorcycle Handbook". In it, I found all information I would ever need to know about traveling to the ends of the earth...on a motorcycle. I realized that trail riding is a fun way of getting from one place to another. What we consider offroad in the U.S. is actually an average street you'd find in third world countries. Backpacking, camping, and nature: this combination, with some motorcycle repair, will make it interesting!

On this site, you will find information on, what I consider, to be the trip of a lifetime! I found out about the Trans-American Trail in June, 2000. I am fortunate to have ridden the entire route starting in CoIumbia, TN. I have accepted the notion from many friends that I have a screw loose to ride my dirt bike across the U.S. - specifically sticking to dirt roads.

There is very little information on the Internet about this route for motorcycles, so what better way then to ride it and report back my findings. On the flip side, I have learned everything from buying a motorcycle to which paperwork you need to get around Baja, Mexico via the net. I must give a standing ovation for two incredible sources: Whitehorse Press and the The Adventure Motorcycle Handbook. The XRLUG Yahoo group was great too!.

I hope my site will serve as a resource for others around the world planning similar trips. I have sections on Camping, Navigation, Motorcycle, Electronic Communications, and other links which I personally have found very helpful. Thank you for visiting, I hope you find the United States as great a country as I do...from sea to shining sea!

Yours truly,

Kevin Basso
"dare to dream"

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